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Super Sweets Strawberry Laces 100ml

Do you have a sweet tooth? this sweet Strawberry Laces flavour will give you the “sweet” followed by a mouth-watering Sour vaping experience.

Super Sweets Raspberry Bar 100ml

A Chewy Raspberry Retro Sweet bar condensed into a delicious eliquid giving you the perfect WHAMMM.

Super Sweets Minty Chews 100ml

An old fashioned chewy Mint designed to give clean sweet flavour and refresh your palette all at the same time.

Super Sweets Jelly Beans 100ml

A blast of sweetness consisting of all varieties of those classic Jelly Bean sweets! Including Cocktail Fruits, Sours and Smooth and Creamy.

Super Sweets Drumstix 100ml

Remnants of the chewy sweet Raspberry lolly on a stick that’s guaranteed to satisfy your sweet fix.

Super Sweets Bubblegum Blues 100ml

A classic from the tuck shop - bubblegum for masses of flavoursome satisfaction.